Central Connecticut
State University

Master of Arts Degree:
Information Design

Thesis Topic: Wayfinding
08.14 – 12.15
I began earning my Master of Arts degree while also finishing my Bachelor of Arts degree. While taking a full course load, and working two part-time jobs, I decided to also throw in an additional two graduate level courses into the mix.

Upon entering the graduate program with an early start, I doubled my course load, three classes being considered full-time, to taking six-courses a semester, while continuing two part time jobs. This accelerated program allowed me to graduate from the program in roughly three semesters.

Throughout the graduate program, I worked on a capstone project / thesis, the topic of which was “Wayfinding”. Wayfinding, for those unaware, is described as information systems that guide people through a physical environment and enhance their understanding and experience of the space. For those interested in reading my thesis, I will provide a link below:

Central Connecticut
State University

Bachelor of Arts Degree:
(Graphic/Information) Design

08.10 – 05.14